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We believe that we must treat our residents, our investors, our employees, and our vendors as we would want to be treated. Kindness is not a weakness but a disciplined effort to treat people well on good and bad days.


Elevation Financial Group LLC, the parent company of Elevation Property Management, was founded in 2006 with the goal of changing the affordable housing market by elevating the quality of properties, the service delivered, and the environment in which residents make their homes.

Currently Elevation companies own and/or manage apartment home communities across the southeast United States. With properties in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama, Elevation continues to grow and expand its outreach, never compromising the quality of service we deliver or the respect we have for each resident.

Elevation has developed a portfolio of award-winning properties throughout the Southeast—most operating under the Serenity Towers® brand or the Serenity Apartments® brand—that have overcome substantial challenges to become financially profitable, elegant and distinctive in their delivery of quality and service.

As a multiple bottom line business, Elevation purposefully works to distinguish itself in business, corporate social responsibility, and philanthropy. For over a decade, our business has been that of revitalizing apartments. We strive to strategically acquire, rehab and manage multifamily assets so that we are able to provide safe, clean, and affordable housing to our residents. As Elevation Financial Group experiences profits from company business, we are then charged to charitably invest a portion of those profits in meaningful philanthropic pursuits.

Through our business, philanthropic and public advocacy, Elevation aspires to be a champion for entrepreneurship, affordable housing and education opportunity for low-income and first-generation students.



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