It has been said that a company will only be as good as its people allow it to be. At Elevation, we believe we will only be as good as our culture allows our people to be. We believe that company culture is as important as business strategy. That is why we define it, teach it, expect it and celebrate it.

We call it, “The Elevation Way.”


We are a company that serves and gives. Much responsibility has been given to us and with that responsibility, much is required. We seek to serve our residents, our investors, our employees and our vendors with a spirit of excellence. Through each of our companies and the Elevation Foundation, our entire team works together to promote compassionate service and thoughtful generosity.


We like niceness. We love kindness. This means “just saying no” to a host of symptoms of bad culture – no bad language, no bullying your direct reports, no yelling and no interpersonal drama. We want a positive culture that provides constructive critique and strong appreciation. We believe that we must treat our people – our residents, our investors, our employees, our vendors – as we would want to be treated. We want to always be a company that has the gift of encouragement. Kindness is not weakness, but a disciplined effort to treat people well on good and bad days.


As representatives of The Elevation Way, we want to present ourselves and our properties with a high standard of professionalism and excellence. That begins with a professional presentation and it requires that we do the daily, routine tasks well. We believe that steady plodding leads to prosperity for us; steady plodding demands that we remain focused on doing what we do best, that we work diligently to mitigate risk and that we build systems and controls that work in concert to maintain our standards of professionalism and excellence.


At Elevation, we seek to develop a diverse group of problem-solving leaders. We hire individuals with intellect and character and then we aspire to develop their gifts and talents in an entrepreneurial, positive, creative and collaborative environment. We aspire to help leaders follow their dreams and fulfill their purpose.


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